Clock for Your Website

This clock widget uses HTML5 and JavaScript features that are supported by all modern web browsers. The HTML5 clock widget is getting the time information from the respective operation system and it shows the current local time. You can either download the related files and install it on your web server or copy and paste the code below.

The downloadable ZIP file includes the JavaScript and CSS sources as well as some example HTML files. There is a twelve and twenty-four hour clock, a countdown timer and even more configuration options.

Twelve Hour Clock

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Twelve Hour Clock HTML Code

If this code doesn't work with your website provider, you can also try the following HTML code using the IFrame tag.

IFrame HTML Code

Twenty-Four Hour Clock

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Twenty-Four Hour Clock HTML Code

IFrame HTML Code

Additional Sources and Information

The clock widget is a modified version of the FlipClock.js software that was released in 2013 on the software development platform GitHub by a company called Objective HTML, LCC.

For FlipClock.js as well as for the here presented clock widget by McZak the terms of the MIT license apply. The software can therefore be downloaded and used free of charge.